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Yo! Harvard tells courts how to avoid the budget axe (oops, too late)

By JohnnyZ on March 27, 2013//Leave a comment

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The National Center for State Courts and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government recently published a paper, “Keeping Courts Funded: Recommendations on How Courts Can Avoid the Budget Axe“, explaining how state courts can better advocate for funding by approaching the budgetary process proactively, effectively, and humbly. [Oh my!]


I think this Law Library and our ilk can help the Courts with this issue.  We have been lobbying for funding since 1891, for gosh sakes!  Just look at  look how good we have been at it.


Oh.  Never mind.

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  1. Rj gardner

    Oct. 1st

    Years ago, I recommended to the SDCoLL Librarian that rather than depend on filing-fees for funding, all County Law Libraries should band together to have the State Legislature provide for such law libraries the same way as do the State, the Counties, and Cities for funding their Public Libraries: by including it in the general budget for that entity. That way, the highs and lows of litigation flow will not determine how available and effective that County’s Law Library facility and content will be. I have seen this SDCoLL get really low in funding because of that unjust filing-fee funding nonsense. Low-to-no filings in court does not mean people don’t need any further access to the law outside the courts.

    • JohnnyZ

      That suggestion was acted upon by then-director Charley Dyer, who worked extremely hard to get local legislators to support that initiative. It eventually ran aground and was never attempted again. At this time county law librarians around the state are in discussions with the Courts and the California Legislature about how we can bring more stable funding sources to law libraries. Additional taxes is never a popular topic, but it is on the table with all the other possibilities. Stay tuned!

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