We’ve acquired a new resource on immigration law, Parole in Immigration Law. The book is produced by the Immigration Legal Resource Center. It aims to provide a one-stop guide to the legal requirements of the different types of parole and how they relate to immigration. It includes practice pointers about when and how to file for parole.

The appendices are a strong feature because they include a significant amount of reference materials. There are samples of parole applications and cover letters as well as RFEs (Requests for Evidence). Also, you can find parole issue memoranda from USCIS, ICE, and Customs and Border Protection, and travel checklists. Additionally, there is a how-to guide for filling out the parole application form. Parole in Immigration Law is available at our Downtown location and members can have the book transferred to the Vista location.

Each year we give special focus to an area of law intrinsic to the fabric of San Diego county’s culture, history, and modern day life. 2017 is our Year of Border Law.