Help celebrate Women’s Equality Day during August at the Law Library’s Downtown branch. There are displays focused on the 19th Amendment and on the Equal Rights Amendment. You can see Congressional documents, books, historical pamphlets, and more. In 1973, Congress designated August 26 as Women’s Equality Day. Representative Bella Abzug had proposed the bill in 1971.

The date was selected to commemorate the 1920 certification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. The amendment prohibited states and the federal government from denying people the right to vote based on their sex. This was the culmination of a massive, peaceful civil rights movement by women that began back in 1848 at the first women’s rights convention, in Seneca Falls, New York.

While the observance of Women’s Equality Day commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment, it also calls attention to women’s continuing efforts toward full equality. Workplaces, libraries, organizations, and public facilities now participate with programs, displays, video showings, or other activities.