“We The People” is more than just a phrase on an old piece of paper.  Our government was built upon a principle of self-governance known as the Rule of Law. Simply put, that means we are all subject to a set of laws that are applied equally to everyone. These laws are written down and freely accessible so people can protect themselves from the arbitrary abuse of power by the state, individuals or other organizations.

For the Rule of Law to work, everyone must have access to these written rules. It cannot be limited to judges, prosecutors or those that can afford to hire an attorney. This, fundamentally, is the reason that law libraries like the San Diego Law Library are so vital to the community:

  • We make the law easy to find across our four branches and online through email, social media and chat rooms.
  • Our public collection of print and electronic materials provides everyone full access to local, state, federal and international laws through our print collection and electronic resources.
  • We host free and low-cost legal education programs, legal clinics and other special events.
  • Our experienced legal reference librarians help you find the information you need.

We welcome you to the San Diego Law Library and encourage you to use us as a resource to learn about and use the law to solve problems and achieve success.