JohnnyZ is the shorthand nickname of Johnny Really Rotten Zero, the slightly crazed alter ego of a mild mannered law librarian somewhere in Southern California.  His formal name — J.R.R. Zero — is what he uses for his serious publications, but Johnny is informal for the On Tap! blog.  You may also see him referred to as Johnny Zero.

JohnnyZ provides commentary, information, and fragmented thoughts and sentences to help convey what is happening at the San Diego Law Library.  These offerings are siphoned from his brain mass in strange and illogical ways.

We must be clear!

In case of emergency, do not call JohnnyZ!

JohnnyZ is a made-up character.  He is not real.  All quotes and posts attributed to JohnnyZ are not necessarily endorsed by the San Diego Law Library, it’s governing Board of Trustees, the Superior Court of San Diego, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, or the law library staff.

Although JohnnyZ is fictional, he does have feelings.  So please be gentle in your comments and ripostes.  Kindness is an underrated virtue.

In fact, JohnnyZ is pretty much out there on his own, twisting in the wind from the proverbial tree limb that overlooks the filing fee revenue cliff. Look down — there is an ominously rocky shore below.  In his twisted way, he hopes that you will find a way to join him!