What’s the Future of the Law Library?

By Gina on August 23, 2013//Leave a comment
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It’s up to you. This is our last push to ask you some important questions. Your answers supply us with valuable data we need for grants and other funding.  We need 100 more participants to get an accurate statistical representation of the people we serve. Your participation is crucial.


YOU can shape OUR future, please take the survey.

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  1. Amie Flynn

    Love the renovated law library. I used it quite a bit at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 to finish my MCLEs. I plan on going today to do some secondary research that is not on my Westlaw plan.

  2. Michael R. Lennie

    I have used the San Diego Law Library for 44 years. In the first year it was my home base for study for the Bar Exams. I would take breaks to watch trials in Superior Court.

    The personnel have always gone out of their way to be helpful – not only to lawyers, but also to the lay public.

    They’ve done an excellent job of both employing the latest protocols and software for research as well as maintaining a full inventory of legal materials. During the many financial crunches over the years, that has not been an easy task.

    For those rare materials they do not have in their own inventory, they have been quite helpful arranging inter-library loans.

    The San Diego Law Library has been and remains a cornerstone of the San Diego legal community.

  3. JohnnyZ

    To Ms. Flynn and Mr. Lennie,

    Thanks for the very kind words, and I can only echo the sentiment that our law library’s staff is the most important asset that we have.

    Like most government agencies, the law library is suffering from a drought in funding with little hope of returning to what we thought was the status quo. That is, unless we act. That is the reason for the survey.

    Thank you both for taking time to comment and complete this survey. The resulting data will better position us for requesting new funding methods and channels, proposing new legislation, and applying for grants.

    ~johnny Z.

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