On Tap! is what flows out of the director’s brain on any given day.  It can spring from the clean refreshing taste of a craft brew from North Park, or the dregs of a barrel that was once filled with something beautiful and tasty.  It makes the senses reel — sometimes commonsense, sometimes nonsense — but always reeling.

In this free-wheeling commentary on law, life, and little known stuff, he tries to bring his love for people and information together into a recipe some might consider muck or magnificent.  Whatever it is, we hope it may be useful to the reader.

Nothing On Tap! should be construed as the opinion or policy of the Board of Trustees of the San Diego Law Library, nor its staff, nor its agents, patrons, vendors, or vermin.  It’s all his. Except for the times you will hear from “JohnnyZ” — the off-kilter alter ego for an off-kilter man.  JohnnyZ — also known as Johnny Zero — gives our director the protection of deniable plausibility when something just needs to be said but he wants to shift the blame to somebody else. That’s On Tap!

Editor’s Comment: So much for integrity.