It is week three of crunch time and we have a five days of exciting MCLE classes for you! Each 1 hour class is $25, but there are two programs that can make them even more economical. Check out our Unlimited MCLE pass or our Discount pass to get more MCLE for less money. Keep reading your newsletter or checking the library’s calendar for new classes. All classes are Downtown and start at noon, EXCEPT for Thursday’s class, which takes place at at our Downtown location from at 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

  • December 16, Monday – The Law & Science of Impaired Driving – (Competence MCLE ) This class, rescheduled from December 3rd, will discuss updated laws and science regarding impaired driving, including driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs (including prescription drugs).
  • December 17, Tuesday – Litigating Animal Ownership Disputes – People love their pets and courts are seeing an increase in disputes over who gets custody of a pet in family law cases. A new bill empowers California courts to take into consideration the care of the pet animal in cases of marital dissolution or legal separation. This session will provide an overview of how these cases are handled, where they are filed, and what practitioners can expect from the growing field of animal law.
  • December 18, Wednesday – Gender Bias in the Legal Profession (DVD) – (Bias MCLE)  In this one hour 2019 program, Louis P. DiLorenzo, Esq. gives a practical analysis of gender bias in the legal profession, including suggestions for eliminating it.
  • December 19, Thursday – Homeowner Association Law: Basics and Recurring IssuesPlease note: this is an afternoon class beginning at 4:00 p.m. This class will provide a primer for lawyers and self-represented parties regarding basic homeowner association (HOA) functions, rights, and responsibilities.
  • December 20, Friday –  Examination of Altered Documents – This presentation offers an overview of the issues related to altered documents, including: alteration of records such as mortgage documents, medical records, computer generated documents, and email, discovery of cut-and-paste signatures, examining signatures written on digital tablets, and the future of forensic document examination.

Additionally, we have dozens of self-study MCLE audio recordings. You can listen at the library or can check them if you join our borrowing program.