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By Cheryl on July 23, 2013//Leave a comment
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The Law Library has lost 25% of its revenue in the last two years due to an unprecedented drop in court filing fees.  We need to build a case for increased funding from private donors and grants. You can help. Will you? Take Our Survey.

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  1. Suzanne Ramirez

    We serve a lot of modest income clients and we keep our hourly rates and overhead low in order to do so. We do not maintain a library nor do we have electronic access to research materials for our 2 person firm. Instead, we rely on the hard copy books at the South Bay Law Library whenever we have a need for legal research. The cost of legal services must rise with the cost of overhead. The Law Library helps us keep out costs down.

  2. Sheryl Bjornson

    The law library offers so much for anyone to take advantage of its free clinics, downtown and the Vista branch. From representing your self in any area of law, to starting a business, the staff is over the top freindly helpfull, the computers that are for free online research how lucky are we. As society tries to get rid of brick and mortar book stores we as individual people need to view the options in books, how would we know what we need if we could not browse the isles of a law library, & ask questions , be pointed to the reference book that will help us. We value this option, for the average person who can not afford to pay attorneys fee’s. Who cant afford to pay every time we have a question we need answers to. Please continue to financially support this only outlet for regular , hard working , folks. The law should be made excessable for all people not just the wealthy who can afford to hire legal proffessionals. This is what the law library means to me.

  3. Bob H. Manoukian

    I wish the law library could come to the MCRD, miramar, pendleton, to do special targeted classes for militatry and families.

  4. Carla Hill-Stivers

    The Library is so important to the citizens. Without
    it we are at such a disadvantage with the court systems. While it would be great to always have a lawyer to do the research and work for you the reality is that most of us can’t afford the legal services and the free or reduced assistance programs are overcrowded. The librarians are fantastic and resourceful and assist always with finding books that have the answers we are looking for. Even better would be someone that could give a little more legal advice like a facilitator with no liability and “at risk”. I do find the website difficult to navigate through.

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