Water law is the focus for the San Diego Law Library in 2015. Our goal is to increase awareness about the importance of the law on water in San Diego. You can look forward to MCLE programs, articles on water law resources, information about water developments in California, and increased access to our unique water law collection.

A significant part of our water law collection is the large number of historical documents from the landmark case of Arizona v. California. In 1952, Arizona filed suit in the U.S. Supreme Court against California and seven of its public agencies. Arizona wanted the Supreme Court to specify the amount of water Arizona was entitled to from the Colorado River and to limit the amount allotted to California. The trial took place over a two-year period and produced 234 witnesses, 4,000 exhibits, 22,500 pages of reporter’s transcripts and 3,742 deposition transcripts.  It set a modern record with 16 hours of oral testimony.

A large selection of these documents are available for view at our downtown location. Contact us at our Downtown location to schedule an appointment. We have created a LibGuide to the Arizona v. California case that describes the library’s material and provides an overview of the still ongoing case.