This Sunday is Valentine’s Day and we are taking a look at some interesting laws relating to engagements and marriage.

The law regarding engagement rings varies from state to state. Like many other things, California treats engagement rings in a unique manner. The law states that the party who gives a gift in anticipation of marriage can recover the gift if the donee (gift recipient) changes his or her mind about the marriage. What is special is that case law has developed that if the donor (gift giver) is the one who changes his or her mind, then he or she may not be able to recover the gift since they are ones that changed their mind.

In terms of marriage laws, Montana is the only state that allows people to get married even if neither person is present for the ceremony. A proxy wedding is a wedding where one party is not present, but is represented in the ceremony by another person. Montana law provides for a double proxy wedding – neither party has to be present.

Happy Valentine’s Day