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The San Diego Law Library is your Law Library, and there are many ways you can take advantage of all we have to offer. We have legal research materials, educational programs and clinics, offer practical research guidance and support, and a relaxed and welcoming environment.


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Law Made Public

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The law is a powerful tool. Virtually every aspect of our lives has a legal component to it, but few people have considered the true impact the law has on our lives. As the county’s only public legal information center, we provide the community with access to resources to help address a variety of challenges…

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Why the San Diego Law Library

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“We The People” is more than just a phrase on an old piece of paper.  Our government was built upon a principle of self-governance known as the Rule of Law. Simply put, that means we are all subject to a set of laws that are applied equally to everyone. These laws are written down and…

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