Two Programs to Help with Your Small Claims Case

By Kelly on January 11, 2019//Leave a comment

Do you have a legal claim valued at less than $10,000? Have you thought about filing in San Diego’s Small Claims Court? Thomas Jefferson School of Law and the San Diego Law Library are working together to bring two programs at the Downtown location that can help you!


Small Claims Self-Help Workshop

The first is the TJSL Small Claims Self-Help Workshop. The purpose of this 45-minute workshop is to provide general legal information about Small Claims procedures in a group setting. The workshop will include a discussion of the various forms used in the San Diego Superior Court, Small Claims Division, the procedures for filing a small claims action, and the fee involved. There will also be a discussion about the various resources available to small claims litigants, including relevant code sections and the public information websites. This workshop does not provide individual consultations.


The Workshop meets on the third Saturday of the month. The workshop starts at 10 am and the first two workshops are February 16 and March 16. You can register by calling the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Clinical Program at (619) 961-4371.


Small Claims Clinic

The second program is the TJSL Small Claims Self-Help Clinic. The clinic provides free limited legal assistance for low to moderate income individuals and businesses with small claim issues. TJSL alumni attorneys and law students provide half-hour consultations to litigants who need assistance when being sued, suing another party, or recovering money for a small claims judgment.


The Clinic meets on the following Thursdays: January 22, February 26, March 12, and March 26. The Clinic runs from 3 pm to 5 pm. You can register by calling the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Clinical Program at (619) 961-4371.

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  1. Mark E. Smith

    Are there court reporters and transcripts in small claims court? I’ve recently learned that there’s no possible appeal when a plaintiff can’t get a transcript, so I’d hate to waste my time again on sham proceedings.

    • Kelly

      Small Claims Court appeals do not require a transcript. See the After the Trial section. Also, a small claims appeal is called a trial de novo. A de novo hearing means the appeal court will hear the case without regard to what happened at the first hearing.

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