Thanksgiving Week always throws me off.  With only three days to this work week, we condense everything. 

I still have the same amount of work in front of me — just less time to do it. For this I am very thankful.

Why?  Because I need pressure to plow through to the finish line.  I wish I were a plodder.  I admire plodders. Seriously. Plodders take their time.  They plan things out.  They measure their progress and check things off.  I don’t have checklists.  I mean, I have checklists, but I never get around to going back and checking my checklists.  I just keep making more checklists.

checklistI imagine that turkeys are checklist types.  They seem grounded and solid and take one thing at a time.  Have you ever seen a turkey without a checklist?  No.  As Benjamin Franklin opined, while a bit “vain and silly” turkeys are nonetheless “respectable” and a “Bird of Courage.”  Why?  They have checklists.

So if read my checklist correctly, today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday and then it is Thanksgiving.  Whatever you do and however you plan to spend it, enjoy the day and join me in being thankful we live in a state where everyone has  access to the law by having a public law library. Not every state has them, you know.