It’s been a rough year for rooster sauce. According to the Los Angeles Times, the smell emitted from the Sriracha plant has allegedly caused Irwindale residents to experience “burning eyes, irritated throats, and headaches caused by a powerful, painful odor.” Hot sauce manufacturer Huy Fong Foods  was told by the California Department of Public Health that its sauces must be held for 30 days to comply with the state’s health guidelines.

Fact is, there have been no such complaints from neighboring zombies, ever. Nuisance smell cases usually involve farm animal odors (for example, from pig/horse/cow dung), but in this case production stopped because living folks found the fumes irritated their delicate membranes. Flipside is: most people — zombies included — cannot get enough of this stuff. The Thai chile sauce has a nation-wide following close to twice the population of the Zombie Nation. Missing that zombie-zing that makes sriracha a favorite among chefs and the living dead is crushing lives and livelihoods of hot sauce lovers everywhere. Oh, the humanity of it all…!