How does a giraffe take a drink? 

We wonder about those things while reading up on the latest legal tech news. Then it hit: our job is to teach people how to drink in the news about legal tech, resources, and how to use them.  Heck, if you don’t know about the newest craft beer, how can you take a taste?  You’d be missing out on the new wave of taste sensations sweeping down 30th Street! We are On Tap! right?

And by now we know that everything turns on technology — absolutely everything. Seismic change has met “legal industry.” [That’s legal work in all its form.]  We have seen the enemy and we are them. Or they are us.  Whatever, grammarians!  Case in point, check out this article on client companies administering a technology audit to their lawyers!

Kia Motors Tests Outside Counsel Tech Skills

Scary?  Or necessary?  Technology literacy is a phenomenon that impacts every professional service sooner or later.  You gotta keep up. That’s one reason why the Law Library exists.