today’s On Tap quiz — we have hotspots!

By JohnnyZ on February 21, 2013//Leave a comment

On Thursdays, On Tap posts feature contests that get you thinking and learning, and the pay off can be any number of quality prizes from our goodies grab bag.   Today’s puzzle:  find the hotspots.

What is a hotspot?  One example: it’s one of those clever blurbs that you see when your mouse hovers over a spot on the Bing search site.   Your challenge is to find the 4 hotspots on the new SDLL website (hint: once you find 1, you’ll find them all) and name the topics covered in each one.  Send the entries to us by any means possible:  FB, Tweet, email, text, web chat, phone or scratch of paper — and the winner will be chosen randomly from all the correct responses.

Deadline is Monday at 6 pm.  Good luck!


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