Our new admin officer, CQ (short for Capybara Queen), is a smart cookie.  I recognize that there is a high potential for boredemus maximus if she is not given a regular mental challenge.

Every week I come up with a CQ Challenge to keep her mind sharp, her reasoning skills rigorous, her analysis tight and her expectations low. And if you understand that, you have had more than one cup of coffee before 5 am on a rainy Monday morning.  (It is really about getting stuff done that I have no idea of how to do.)

Her first week, CQ had to fix my stapler. Last week was about seeking the copyright protection of a certain graphic.  This week could be about anything, but you know what is so ultra cool about this?  CQ digs the effort of the challenges, the gaming aspect of the contest, and the eventual satisfaction of the conquest.


CQ being groomed by her minions – she has lots of minions.


CQ – I salute you!