Crunchtime Satisfied MCLE Hunger

By Benita on January 30, 2014//Leave a comment

In December 2013, we launched our third annual MCLE Crunch Program, an intensive two month program with over thirty MCLE classes. This program was a huge success thanks to our wonderful volunteer speakers. We greatly appreciate their time, effort and expertise. These folks are heroes in our opinion, because who has the time to teach their colleagues? Only the selfless!



Our gratitude goes to: 

  • Laura Akers
  • Kerry Armstrong
  • Danielle Barger
  • Joshua Berkstresser
  • Carmen Bianchi
  • Christian Nielsen Braemer
  • Sandra Brower
  • David Cameron Carr
  • Randall Christison
  • Bob Closson
  • Robert Cogan
  • Steve Coopersmith
  • Dana Corcoran
  • Eric Ganci
  • Karis Ground
  • Laura Handler
  • Charles Hartford
  • Jeff Jacobs
  • Bruce Johnson
  • Pamela Kleinkauf
  • Gary Laturno
  • Rebecca Luers
  • Mick Meagher
  • Sharon Mehlman
  • Teri Melese
  • Puja Sachdev
  • Spencer Skeen
  • Jim Steinberg
  • Irene Stewart



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