Thank you to all of the attendees that made our 10th Annual Lindley Law & Comics a success! University of San Diego Law Professor Lisa Ramsey led the panelists, Jonathan Maberry, Rob Salkowitz, and Stu Rees through the telling of their origin stories and how their careers have adapted over the years as interest in comics and comic-culture has become a industry generating monstrous profits.

Professor Ramsey led the discussions about how creators have to work with their legal teams to navigate contracts that not only include print materials, but also electronic books, potential television or movie adaptations, and licensing of toys and collectibles. Jonathan Maberry was able to give examples from his personal experiences as a creator, including his recent deal with Netflix. Rob discussed how purchasing a license to view material isn’t the same as ownership. And, Stu weighed in on how contracts must be drafted to include as yet unknown technologies and platforms. There were also a rousing discussion about fan fiction and cosplay. The panelists then discussed fair use analysis and how to deal with fans that violate creators’ rights. The afternoon ended with a Q&A session from the audience and a raffle for your Law & Comics Prize Pack.

Many thanks to our special guests, Jonathan Maberry, Rob Salkowitz, and Stu Rees, and our fantastic moderator Professor Lisa Ramsey. We would also like to thank the San Diego Central Library and their amazing staff for hosting Law & Comics for the fourth year in a row.