Straaaaange cases…graphic warning…

By JohnnyZ on October 18, 2013//Leave a comment

It’s Friday and time for another example of Straaaaange cases! 


Like most of these, this  one is sad and senseless and, well, strange. It involves an 18-year-old student named Carter Strange who was brutally beaten in an alleged attack by a teenage gang.


Eight kids ranging in age from 13 to 18 were charged under South Carolina’s old lynching law for the vicious beating, which left Strange so badly injured he required facial reconstruction surgery.


Why?  They wanted his cell phone.  Sick.



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  1. Too Bad... hunh?

    Why not lease a building under the name “World Investigations” and hand everyone alms and slings.

    • JohnnyZ

      We take all ideas under consideration. This one sounds interesting, but we would need to have money to lease a building. Then we would need to get a supply of alms, and then slings, and then — well, by then we would be broke! No money for marketing means we would close down without getting the word out. Thanks for writing.

  2. RJ Gardner

    As with many “news reports,” which seek to be ever-so inoffensive and politically correct, the perpetrators’ racial content and context to the victim is not mentioned. Was this an inter-racial crime, or an intra-racial? Sometimes these details help explain the greater gravity of this kind of crime. Most likely, this was more than merely a cell-phone theft.

    • JohnnyZ

      Your viewpoint is something I never considered, and I have not checked the racial makeup of the alleged perpetrators. Seems to me that a group of thugs is a group of thugs. It is sort of Lord of the Flies kind of thing — if you see a weaker being, attack and subdue it. Is it the natural order of things? That is the question.

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