Straaaaange cases: Man Poops, Court Smells Cover-up

By JohnnyZ on August 09, 2013//Leave a comment

We are here to present the facts and the law, that’s all.  No smear campaign in this blog, no way. But according to freelance writer and writer Aaron Kase , here is this straaaaange case:

The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a man’s conviction for willfully damaging and creating a hazard in the federal courthouse. Specifically, he was found guilty of pooping his pants and then leaving a mess in the bathroom after attempting to clean himself up.


The outrageously graphic 57-page court document contains mention of the poor maintenance worker who had to deal with it, who said that “seventy-five percent of the floor was covered in feces” while more was “smeared more than two feet up on the walls” according to the opinion.


The Court did its best to wrestle with the relevant legal issues. “The relevant question is not whether he purposefully defecated his pants, but whether he willfully spread his feces all over the bathroom resulting in a nuisance, hazard, and damage. The opinion also noted the defendant had a potential motive because he had twice lost a Social Security case in the same courthouse. The dissent had the duty of comparing the defendant’s BM to chunky vs. smooth peanut butter.


Still no word yet on whether there will be an appeal to the Supreme Court.


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  1. Victor

    Please tell me this isn’t the reason for the early closure today.

    • JohnnyZ

      This straaaaange case did have a strange irony with the early closure on Friday, but there was nothing linking the two. This case was in Maine, I believe.

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