MCLE Crunch time is over, but the exciting events at SDLL are just getting started! If you have not yet taken advantage of the Benefits Packages that we offer, sign up today! Our Benefits Packages provide great value to you at a very reasonable cost and ensure you don’t miss out on our classes and services!

SDLL offers over 40 hours of MCLE and community education classes each year. The most economic way to take advantage of the classes we offer is by signing up for our MCLE Class Package for just $75. This package allows you to pay a one-time fee and attend an unlimited number of the MCLE classes offered in 2019. Package holders can complete their continuing legal education credits and explore legal issues and areas of law that they might have always wondered about. This is a huge discount from the standard rate of $25 per class, and the classes include California Bar mandatory credits in ethics, competency in the legal profession, and elimination of bias.

Another option that is ideal for individuals that love the library is the Discount Package. This package includes access to the Library’s WiFi and electricity charging stations, half-price MCLE classes ($12.50 per class), half-price conference rooms, and half-price electronic document delivery ($7.50 each) for the 2019 calendar year. Discount Package holders also get an advanced purchase opportunity on all of our deeply discounted used books and practice guides.

Our benefit packages are designed to save you money, but also to help support our mission of Law Made Public. You are helping us recoup costs by supporting these services. And in turn we can can continue to serve the community and make resources available to all.

Interested in borrowing materials? Our Borrowers Program is a separate option that provides the ability to check out library materials.