Making the Cut — Measuring Up in Sports, Career & Family

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Life management skills for athletes is rarely thought of ahead of time.  Now is the time to think about how to plan for the future.


If an athlete is lucky enough to find success in high school —  at the college level — and then go on to become a pro — what life skills does an athlete need to survive throughout and beyond a sports career?



Join Pro Football Hall of Famer & Former Charger RON MIX and our panel of experts to discuss:


High School Recruiting & NCAA Compliance
NCAA Participation & Eligibility
Pro Level Transitioning / Life Management for Pro Athletes


This coming Monday, August 12 from 5 – 7  join us for a glass of wine, light appetizers and a thought-provoking discussion led by our panel of sports & life experts.

Location: Downtown San Diego Location Cost: $10 — register online here

Sponsored by The Hartford Group of Merrill Lynch  * 1 hour of General MCLE credit available. Call 531-3904 to ask about low-cost parking!


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