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San Diego Resources

Link Description
City of San Diego Clerk’s Office City Charter,Council Minutes, Council Docket, guide to City Clerk’s archives, Election documents and forms.
County of San Diego-Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Board of Supervisors’ agendas, Board Policies, Board Rules of Procedures, Assessment appeals, the County charter; Link to Administrative Ordinances and regulatory ordinances of the County of San Diego.
Fourth District Court of Appeal Court of Appeal, Fourth District, Division One, San Diego.
Guide & File Forms Preparation Assistance Software uses a series of interview questions which allows users to prepare paperwork, from any computer, for divorce, eviction/unlawful detainer answer, petition for appointment of guardian, request for order, requesting a limited conservatorship, restraining orders and small claims cases.
S.D. County Bar Association San Diego County Bar Association.
San Diego County Library San Diego County Library website.
San Diego Domestic Violence Resources Where to go if you are a victim of domestic violence.
San Diego Municipal Code Searchable Municipal Code for City of San Diego.
San Diego Daily Transcript Links to Southern California news on law and government.
San Diego Superior Court Forms San Diego Superior Court Forms.
San Diego Superior Court Home Page Excellent site. Contains links to Superior Court press releases, notices to attorneys, proposed rules changes, probate examiner’s notes, new filings, and telephonic rulings.
San Diego Superior Court Local Rules San Diego Local Rules.
USD Legal Clinics Free legal clinics for low income individuals. Visit USD Legal Clinic website for details on types of cases, scope of assistance, and sign-up requirements.
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