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Research Guides

How can I compile a legislative history? How can I locate court opinions? To answer these and other frequently asked questions, we prepared some legal research guides. Use the guides as an aid for starting your legal research. The guides recommend print and electronic resources that will help you find answers to your law-related questions.

Although these guides assist in locating legal resources, they are not a substitute for legal advice. Laws change frequently, so check that the resources you use are up to date. Consult with an attorney if you need legal advice.

Motion Guides

Our motion guides are general examples. You should edit them and add information unique to your circumstances. Word processing skills and knowledge specific to your situation are required to adapt these examples. Please note, we cannot guarantee our samples will meet your needs because laws and procedures change frequently. Also, your situation may involve factors requiring different procedures or forms. Consult with an attorney if you need legal advice or for help in adapting the forms to your situation.

Name Type Category
Administrative Mandamus Writ Motion California
Amending a Birth Certificate in California Research California
Appeals from Limited Civil, Small Claims, Misdemeanor and Infraction Cases Research California
Appeals – Civil Appeals Guide Research California
Bankruptcy Guide Research California, U.S. Materials
Border Law Research Other
California Annotated Codes – Research in Superseded Versions (Historical Research) Research California
California Briefs Collection Research California
California Civil Harassment and Domestic Violence Research California
California Code of Regulations Research California
California Legislative History and Analysis Research California
Case Management Research California
Changing Your Name or Gender in California Research California
Civics 101: Understanding Where Laws Come From Research California, U.S. Materials
Clean Up Your Criminal Record Research California
Common Case Conferences Research California
Court Rules – How to Find them at SDLL Research California, U.S. Materials
Elder Abuse Law Research California
Eviction / Unlawful Detainer Research California
Ex Parte Applications Motion California
Family Law Discovery Issues Research California
Family Law – Divorce 101 Research California
Federal Indian Law and Tribal Law Research California, Indian, U.S. Materials
Federal Legislative History Research U.S. Materials
Federal Search & Seizure: Motion for Return of Property Motion U.S. Materials
Foreclosure Resources Research California
Getting Your Affairs in Order Research California
Homestead – Protecting the Equity in Your Home Research California
Internet Resources for Starting a Small Business Research California
Law Practice Management Research California
Marsden Motion – Replace Appointed Public Defender Motion California
Medicare, Medicaid and Medi-Cal Research California, Other, U.S. Materials
Military Guide: Law, Benefits, & Resources Research California, Other, U.S. Materials
Motion for Return of Seized Property – California Search & Seizure Motion California
Motion to Vacate a Default Judgment Motion California
Opposing a Motion Motion California
Pleading Paper – Template Motion Creating Pleadings
Power of Attorney Research California
Probation & Sentencing Motions (Modify, Terminate, Reduce) Motion California
Published and Unpublished Cases Research California, U.S. Materials
Remote Appearances Research California
Requesting Government Records Research California, U.S. Materials
Responding to a Civil Lawsuit in California Superior Court Motion California
Service Animal Basics Research California, U.S. Materials
Service of Notice and Other Papers Research California
Service of Summons and Complaint Research California
Small Claims Court Research California
Tax Law Research California, U.S. Materials
Water Law Research California
Water Law – Arizona v. California Spotlight Collection Research California