Benefit Packages

In addition to our Borrowers Program,  we are now offering Benefit Packages.  These are additional benefits that we believe will provide value to you at a very reasonable additional cost. Instead of purchasing services À La Carte, you now have the option of purchasing a package of services at a significant discount.

Our benefit packages are designed to help you save money, but also help support our mission of Law Made Public. By supporting our services you are helping us recoup costs so we can continue to serve the community and make legal resources available to all. Do you believe in our mission and want to help even more? Visit the San Diego Law Library Foundation to see how you can contribute to Law Made Public and keep our Access to Justice Resources free to the public.

 Discount Package $75

This package includes a year* of discounts on the following services:

  • access to WiFi
  • access to charging stations
  • 1/2 price MCLE classes ($12.50 per hour)
  • 1/2 price Conference Rooms ($15 to $40 per hour)
  • 1/2 price Electronic Document Delivery ($7.50 each)
  • 1/2 price Interlibrary Loans – starting at $6 per item (must have Borrowing Card)

Special Invitations:

  • First option on used book sales
  • First option to register for networking events

* Calendar year—1/1/20 to 12/31/20

 MCLE Class Package $75

This 13 month* pass gets you access to over 40 in person and remote viewing MCLE classes. Classes include California Bar mandatory credits in ethics, competency in the legal profession, and prevention of bias. This package includes all the classes in our popular MCLE Crunch Time.

*12/1/19 to 12/31/20

Checkout of MCLE materials not included.  Must have Borrowing account to checkout pre-recorded MCLE materials.

 Office Space $200/day  $600/wk

  • Fully equipped office
  • Computer w/ MS Office and Internet
  • Phone w/ conference system
  • Printer
  • Photocopier / Fax / Scan
  • Whiteboard
  • Water / coffee / snacks
  • Access to staff kitchen & restrooms
  • Access to Wifi and charging stations

Great for:

  • Trial preparation & strategy space
  • Deposition space
  • Negotiation / Mediation / Settlements
  • Downtown meetings & office space


Sign up for a package at our Downtown or North County location. To help speed up the process, you can fill out an application and bring it in with you.


À La Carte Services

We offer the following services at our regular pricing:

Wifi & Charging Pass – $5 per week    (Week is Saturday to Friday)

Document Delivery – starting at $15 per document

Interlibrary Loan – starting at $12 per item

MCLE classes – $25 per hour

Conference Rooms– $30 to $80 per hour