About Our Borrowers Program

11/20/20: Due to the increasingly dangerous Covid-19 situation, we are suspending all in-person services and book circulation as of Monday, November 23rd – until further notice. Therefore, we are no longer offering in-person appointments or our Pick-Up SDLL service. 

As a Borrower or Benefit Holder you do HAVE ACCESS TO SOME REMOTE DATABASES.


We now offer two different borrower levels to suit your research needs:

Borrower Categories Annual Borrower Charges
Borrow 1 item at a time for 4 days with one 4 day renewal


Borrow up to 5 items at a time for 4 days with two 4 day renewals


Please view our Borrowers Rules for more in-depth information on our new Borrowers Program.


All borrower privileges run January-December. Borrower charges are billed 4-6 weeks in advance of expiration.

Borrower accounts must remain open for at least three months, after which you may request an account closure.