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Here is what’s available on this page:


Eviction / Unlawful Detainer

Clinics and Legal Services

Unlawful Detainer Clinics

San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program

Legal Aid Society of San Diego

Community Law Project

Lawyer Referral Service – North County Bar Association

Lawyer Referral Service – San Diego County Bar Association


San Diego Superior Court Landlord/Tenant Forms

San Diego Superior Court Landlord/Tenant FAQs

San Diego Superior Court: Unlawful Detainer Complaint Packet

Online Resources

California Courts: Eviction

Affordable Housing Advocates

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing

Fair Housing Council of San Diego

San Diego Superior Court Landlord/Tenant FAQs

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

The County of of San Diego has an up to date listing of all the rental assistance programs throughout the region, viewable here.

NOLO Legal Information Reference Center

Check out these great titles, all available remotely. To access, follow the instructions on the database page. Then click search by publication and select your title, or browse by topic.

2021 Eviction Laws and Common Misperceptions (MCLE)

This class provides an overview of the current landlord/tenant eviction process and highlight some of the common misperceptions regarding the laws in California. Judge Álvarez will share her insight on this subject based on her experience as an Unlawful Detainer judge.

Online Databases

Gale California Legal Forms Library is full of letter templates and forms for landlords and tenants, facing a myriad of situations. Access for free at the library computer terminals, or remotely as a borrower. Access here.

Here’s a couple great searching tips for this database –

Gale Training Support Resource Guide (3 Pages) –

Gale LegalForms Training Videos –

The San Diego Digital Law Library is an excellent option for borrowers to access relevant titles remotely. The collection includes over 60 titles, including:

  • California Forms Pleading and Practice
  • California Legal Forms: Transaction Guide

To access, follow these instructions.

Involved in a landlord tenant dispute and looking for a motion example? Trellis is the place to go! Borrowers can access this great database remotely and access is always free on our library terminals. Once you’ve logged in to Trellis, click the motion and issues tab, and scroll down to the landlord – tenant section. Access here.

Topics include:

  • Breach of Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment
  • Breach of Warranty of Habitability
  • Constructive Eviction
  • Unlawful Acts of Landlords

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The National Consumer Law Center is full of resources for those facing a landlord tenant dispute. Borrowers can access this database remotely, and access is always free on our library computer terminals. Access here. Titles include:

  • National Housing Law Project’s ebook title: HUD Housing Programs: Tenant’s Rights (known as the Greenbook)

NCLC Quick Start Guide (2 Pages) –

NCLC Search and Site Use Tips (2 Pages) –

NCLC Digital Library Demo –