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Last updated April 6, 2020

COVID-19 Related Scams – General Information

Information from the San Diego Sheriff about the different types of COVID-19 related scams, including links to the FBI, California Attorney General’s Office and Federal Trade Commission for more information:


COVID-19 Related Scams – Fraudulent Treatment Products

Food and Drug Administration information about fraudulent/unapproved COVID-19 related products, with links to warning letters that have been issued:

Federal Trade Commission warning about scam Coronavirus treatments:


Tips for Avoiding COVID-19 Scams

Tips from the Federal Trade Commission:

Tips from the Federal Communications Commission:

From the Treasury Department – what to do if you receive communications offering COVID-19 related grants or payments in exchange for a fee or personal information (this is a scam):

Tips from the Better Business Bureau:

Defending Against COVID-19 Cyber Scams – Department of Homeland Security:

Tips from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department:

Tips from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:

This article is from 2014 but is relevant to avoiding scams in the current situation.

Tips from

COVID-19 Security Resource Library

How to Make a Complaint – COVID-19 Related Scams








Make a complaint to the National Center for Disaster Fraud by calling their hotline at 866-720-5721 or emailing them at (any type of fraud related to COVID-19 or Coronavirus).

Make a complaint to the FTC (malicious emails/pfishing scams, miracle treatment claims, charity scams):

Make a complaint to the California Attorney General’s Office (price gouging):

Make a complaint to the FBI (Internet related scams):

Make a complaint to the San Diego City Attorney (False Advertising/Dangerous Products):

Information about how to report price gouging and scams in San Diego County from the City Attorney’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, and U.S. Attorney’s Office:

Price Gouging   

FAQ’s About Price Gouging including how to report it– California Attorney General:

San Diego District Attorney’s Office – Price gouging and how to report it: (English) (Spanish)

Reporting Price Gouging to the Better Business Bureau:

California Price Gouging Statute:

A compilation of price gouging statutes nationwide:

News Stories About COVID-19 Scams

Price Gouging in San Diego County:

Coronavirus Scams in East Bay:

Warning About Door-To-Door Coronavirus Scam:

Warning About Cyber Scams:

Pfishing Alert from Secret Service:

Warning About Emails Claiming to be from WHO:

Seven Coronavirus Scams Targeting Your Business, From the FTC:

California Man Arrested for”Fake Cure” Related Scam:

Los Angeles Man Accused Of Soliciting Investments For Fake Coronavirus Cure