SB 711 Needs Gov. Brown’s Signature

By Gina on September 02, 2015//Leave a comment


SB 711 has passed the Senate and been sent to engrossing and enrollment. After that it will go to the Governor. We now need to send the Governor letters requesting that he sign the bill.


Please SUPPORT US by:


1) filling out and sending this sample letter to Gov. Brown,  or


2) go to Gov. Brown’s website and leave a comment. In the “please choose your subject” box, select “SB0711\Law libraries: charges.” If you wish, you can use this sample language in the comment box.


Thanks for your support.

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  1. RJ Gardner

    Friday, Sept. 11th, 2015

    A long time ago I sent the SDCPLL my recommendations on getting the funding into the General Budget, not to increase “service fees” upon a people already constrained by the “economy” as it is. Who knows what SB711 will do, other than make it even more expensive for “pro pers”, when accessing the law, to get something to take home and study. But it won’t bring in enough money to help any, especially if those who need it find it too costly and thus don’t use it. A waste of legislative time.

    As for your proposed letter, “target your audience” better!

    Send this more to the local “community,” “activists” and “political” groups than to attorneys. The lawyers do not want the common, “unrepresented” people to have such access, preferring them to go to a lawyer. But who can afford that anymore? People in Chula Vista, Nat’l City, and like that need the law library. Get them involved: common, ordinary people. I have long held this comment to be true: “It is cheaper to be a loser than to hire an attorney to do anything.” So send this proposal to the needy, not the entrenched.

    And, in presenting the idea of letter writing or emailing, don’t be so word-specific in the text. Have each paragraph in generalized “idea-phrase & terms,” which each Sender would have to re-word themselves. Easy enough. But not so complex, either. “Boiler plate” form letters like this one will get less than a big yawn,and most all politicians don’t believe it.

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