The Law Library Reaches Out to Women In Need

By Cheryl on March 28, 2014//Leave a comment

On March 15, the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program (SDVLP) hosted their 25th annual Women’s Resource Fair at Golden Hall in San Diego. About 70 community organizations, including the Law Library, participated in this event. Services included medical, education, spiritual and employment counseling, help obtaining financial assistance, and legal consultations. In addition, SDVLP provided breakfast and lunch to all attendees and offered childcare for children under the age of 16. Over 800 participants attended.


collageApproximately, half the attendees came by the Law Library table. Using a laptop, attendees could browse through the list of services, resources, and legal information we provide on our website. The attendees were all appreciative of the information we provide for free. As our volunteer summarized: “Many of these women express interest in the services we offer but were unaware that we are open to the public. I am glad to be here to increase awareness of this great public resource!” 


According to Law Library Community Outreach Officer, Cheryl Weeks-Frey, “This event is a great networking opportunity for us, I get to meet with other community organizations, and more importantly, inform attendees that we are here, for the entire San Diego community, to provide access to justice.”

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  1. El-Azhar

    I had a wonderful job working for the County Libraries which I lost due to inadequate childcare for my hours I simply could not afford to pay for the hours of care I needed. My daughter and I had been homeless and were just getting back onto our feet when I was terminated. 560 a month with a discount.I was terminated. I have been looking for work unsuccessfully in the past. I am continuing to apply and hope to secure something soon. Now thatI am on aid I qualify for immediate childcare. I attended the fair and was treated respectfully by everyone. I sought legal help and financial aid for college, I had something called Reiki which I did for myself. I felt more like a woman than I had felt in some time. I want to thank you so very much for trying to restore dignity. I wish employers had been there. I brought my resume just in case. The parking was high but much lower than it could have been thank you for that as well. I had my teeth cleaned, my blood pressure and blood cholesterol checked. Thank you for that. I appreciated being around women solely for most of the day. It was a different dynamic. One I appreciated very much.

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