We would like to salute all of the speakers who made this year’s MCLE Crunchtime so successful.

  • Kelly Keach – Legal Research Using Free Websites
  • Brooke Greene – E-Filing and E-Service
  • Suzanne Smith – CEB OnLAW
  • Isabel Eustaquio – Job Hunting in the Legal Arena
  • Kristine Custodio – Job Hunting in the Legal Arena
  • Kate Hewitt – Job Hunting in the Legal Arena
  • Ari Hornick – Recognition & Elimination of Sexual Harassment
  • Brandon Strait – Lexis Advance
  • James Eischen – Running on Empty: The Epidemic of Professional Burnout
  • Jim J. Steinberg – Enforcing Judgments
  • Michael Wakshull – How to Hire a Forensic Expert and Will Bias Cost You Your Next Case
  • Dan Fuller – Westlaw
  • Laura Handler – Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, and Civil Harassment TROs: The Basics
  • Jay Brown – Homeowner Association Law Trends and Updates
  • Kim Werner – Divorce Mediation
  • Barney Connaughton – Divorce Mediation

Speakers listed in order of presentation.

Thank you to all of our speakers for their gracious donation of time and expertise. We know we could not host such well-regarded programs without you.