Here is the latest from the State Bar Civil Justice Strategies Task Force:

After several months of hearing testimony by a great many experts from academia, the courts, professionals from a range of practices, public agencies, and the public, the task force broke into sub-groups and began its work.

As a reminder, the three sub-groups are:  the NOW group (what is currently working, is scalable, and can be replicated); the NEW group (what new ideas/projects/programs/proposals are the most likely to bring greater access to justice); and the STUDENT DEBT group (what solutions are there for helping reduce the debt load to allow more new lawyers to serve a greater portion of the population needing legal services).

I am in the NOW group.  This group is comprised of solos, big firm lawyers, associate justices, public agency lawyers, and entrepreneurial types. There is a good cross-section here.

Right up front I said that it seemed to me that the NOW group may have both the easiest and most difficult job because 1) we can easily make a list of programs and projects that have value, but  2) the trick is to imagine them on a broader, state-wide, county-by-county scale.

The group had a lively discussion and basically created a matrix of areas that were being put to good use now, and projects/programs within those areas that we thought most viable for replicating elsewhere.

Look for my next posts when I will begin sharing the work and asking for comments and input.  Will the task force remain standing on the rolling log of justice — or spin off and splash into a murky pond?   Stay tuned!