Civil Appeals:

San Diego’s Approach to Providing Legal Assistance to Self-Represented Litigants

Wednesday, June 10, 2015  2:45-3:45pm

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Civil Appellate Workshop Materials:

Workshop Overview Video by Justice Joan Irion

Civil Appellate Workshop PowerPoint Presentation

Brief Writing Tips

Timeline of Appeals Process

California Court of Appeal Step-by-Step Workbook (4th District Court of Appeal, Division 1)

Other Useful Resources:

Law Library Research Guide with Sample Brief Templates

San Diego County Bar Association – Civil Appellate Workshop Website

California Court of Appeal Self-Help Webpage (4th District Court of Appeal, Division 1)

Sample Working Group Materials:

Mission Statement

Task List

Disclaimer Language

Participant Waiver

Workshop Flier

The Civil Appellate Self-Help Workshop is a joint project of the California Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, Division One; the Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc.; the San Diego County Bar Association’s Appellate Court Committee; and the San Diego Law Library.