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By Kelly on March 08, 2019//Leave a comment
Book cover of Law 101 5th edition. Author Jay M. Feinman

Law 101: Everything You Need to Know About American Law, 5th Edition, is our resource of the month for March. It provides an authoritative and current survey of the American legal system.


This new edition includes a discussion of the recent Supreme Court decisions on presidential powers, freedom of religion, and personal liberty. Also, it covers current legal topics such as police shootings and the rise of Black Lives Matter. Additionally, there is coverage of the growth of arbitration requirements on consumers, as well as constantly developing internet law.


Law 101 provides an overview of the main topics taught in the first year of law school, including constitutional law, the litigation process, criminal, property, and contracts law. Jay M. Feinman, the author, uses historical cases to demonstrate the origins of legal concepts such as the insanity defense. Further, he helps readers understand the law by providing clear definitions and examples of legal terms.


This book is available in our Self-help Collection at our Downtown location. Check the GiLL catalog for its availability.

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