Do I need to pay my property tax? What is happening with my small claims case? I just heard about a product that cures Coronavirus; is it a scam?

Is trying to keep up with the legal questions and new information coming our daily giving you a stress headache?  Just when you think you have handle on what is going on, it seems like everything changes.

Well, we have created a COVID-19 Legal Issues online guide that can provide guidance on legal issues that are being effected by COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Legal Issues Guide covers topics like: Health, Employment, Housing, Benefits, Utilities, and more. The guides are updated at new information arrives, so be sure to check back regularly for the newest information.

And, if you have any further questions or need reference assistance with your legal questions, we are still providing reference assistance via telephone at either of our locations, by email, or through our statewide “Ask a Law Librarian” chat service.