Our featured resource in August is California Tenants’ Rights from Nolo. It is one of the most popular books in the library’s arsenal of legal self-help materials.

The 21st edition of California Tenants’ Rights is an essential title for renters in California. It will help you protect yourself in dozens of situations:

  • understanding and negotiating a lease
  • getting out of lease early with minimum penalties
  • fighting for your security deposit
  • discrimination
  • harassment
  • retaliatory evictions
  • repairs
  • dealing with the eviction process

The book has more than just information and tips. It has dozens of blank forms with instructions on how to complete them, including an application for relief from an eviction and an agreement for when you want to make an alteration or improvement to the rental unit.

This book is available in print at our Main and North County locations. You can always check the book’s availability with our online catalog, GILL – Gateway Into the Law Library. Also, it is online through the Nolo link on the library’s Need Help page.