Peter Schwartz says:

[PS] If you pair “LexisNexis” and “Westlaw” with “rule of law” in a Google search, you’ll see that the LexisNexis search returns four times more results than the Westlaw search (192,000 and 48,000 – Just using the term “Lexis” in a pairing with “rule of law” returns 272,000 results).

[Me] Point being????

[PS] LexisNexis efforts have focused on global issues like human trafficking, helping emerging nations build strong legal institutions, and addressing legacy traumas that require some form of adjudication and reparation (e.g., apartheid and genocide). My contribution will be to write a lengthy series of essays on “The Rule of Law in the United States”.

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[Me] I would like to read those essays. But I still don’t get the point you raise about the difference in query results between the two companies. It couldn’t be that one is more dedicated or more aware of or more involved with the rule of law, could it?  Could it?