Little Known Secrets About Handwriting Identification

Date: Tuesday, August 18th

Time: 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Location: Zoom Webinar

Cost: FREE

Register: Here

MCLE: One Hour General MCLE Credit

August is a great time to take advantage of our online MCLE courses! The presenter for this class, Mike Wakshull, is one of our favorite presenters, giving “ripped from the headlines” examples to illustrate his points on forensic document authentication. His classes are always must-see events!

This summer, we have been offering our continuing legal education [CLE] courses, like this one, for FREE. And, we are planning more CLE classes in August. But, when August comes to an end, we will return to charging a fee to register for classes that provide participatory MCLE credit.

There are ways to continue to access the CLE events without paying for each one. If you are a 2020 Benefits Package holder, you can either attend CLE classes at a discounted rate or for free (depending on your plan) by using your benefit code. (If you have forgotten your code, just email or call us and we can remind you!) Also, CLE classes will continue to be posted to our YouTube Channel, where they can be watched for self-study credit.* We will continue to provide FREE community-education courses for everyone.

About the Program:

Most work performed by forensic document examiners is the authentication of handwriting, and the majority of this work is authentication of signatures. The forensic document examiner uses tools such as microscopes to examine the writing in question to find small details that a simulator will not discover, then learns if the questioned writing fits within the patterns observed in the person’s known writing.

Topics covered will include:

  • Handwriting identification techniques
  • The 21 attributes of handwriting examined by forensic document examiners
  • When are various tools used to examine handwritten documents?
  • What are generally accepted methods of examining handwritten documents?
  • What is the basis of handwriting comparison?
  • What is the difference between simulated writing and disguised writing?

About the Speaker:

Mike Wakshull is a court-qualified forensic document examiner located in Temecula, CA. He has been qualified as an expert witness in California Superior Courts and Federal District Court, testifying in cases involving will contests, contract disputes, and other topics.

*Only classes in which the presenters have given their consent can be posted to YouTube.