Two things got me thinking about this phrase, one good and one bad.

First, all these great opportunities came flooding in [word choice?] after the amazing Spectrum cover & article about the library’s renovation.  I was excited: after 25 years in law librarianship, my experience might help others.

Second, a spate of bad news about some library staff health concerns rocked our world in a terrible way.  Again, the phrase “when it rains it pours” popped into my head.

rainy happy

Other than the little girl with the umbrella on the salt boxes, I did not know the origin of that phrase.  Is raining and pouring a good thing or a bad thing?  One web site for ESL students said that this idiom means that when things go wrong, a lot of things go wrong at the same time.  But that was not what was happening with me.  My “problem” was not so much a bad thing but an amazing AMOUNT of things.  So I pressed on to Wiktionary.  Again, it said it meant that if a person encounters bad luck, more bad luck will follow…

More bad luck!  It couldn’t be!  How would any product’s manufacturer allow for an ad campaign that refers only to the coming of bad luck? Finally, the Cultural Dictionary helped me out.  Under “When it rains, it pours” [definition]: When something good or bad occurs, it usually occurs more than once and often within a short period of time… also has a more neutral definition of the phrase: When it rains, it pours means that once something happens after a long pause, it happens in large amounts.

rainy sad

So everything evens out in the end. So much is happening at the law library that doesn’t surprise me in the least.  In fact, life is pouring down so many salty surprises that we are developing a wee hyper-tension problem, so we have to watch that. As Liberace said, “Too much of a good thing is…WONDERFUL!”  Now, can somebody pass the salt?