It is Friday and time once again for another episode of Straaaaange cases!

German police report that fives tons of the hazelnut flavored chocolate cream Nutella have been stolen! Operation Sticky Mess is looking for a gang of thieves who may or may not be overweight but nonetheless are likely prone to diabetes.

Any American who has traveled Europe will have no doubt been introduced to the addictive sweet, which is advertised as a breakfast item to be spread onto bread.  Those are my kind of people – chocolate goes with everything!  The big booty is worth about $20,000.

Food crime is becoming more common elsewhere as food prices rise.

A New Jersey man was arrested for selling $60,000 of stolen Muenster cheese at a highway rest-stop.  In Quebec, three men were arrested for channeling  $5 million of maple syrup into a Canadian cartel.

More depressingly, police in Yorkshire warned last December of a rise in “desperation theft”, including that of baby food in deprived areas.  That ain’t funny.