On Thursday I got a dog named Gloria, a 7 month old standard poodle who was a little bit shy.  She was also covered with fleas and had an umbilical hernia, but what do you expect for only 1/3 the asking price?

Gloria was raised in the country with her sibs and a bunch of emus and llamas.  Maybe a peacock or two.  When we got her home after a good grooming she was definitely out of her element.

Then I took her downstairs for her first nighttime pee. Gloria took one look at the cars roaring past on 6th Ave, slipped the leash and bolted down the street.  My pants were kind of falling down as I ran after her, and I lost her in the dark.

After a little reflection, Gloria came to represent something to me — the idea that some things are just meant to be.  I mean, Gloria was a country dog who was transplanted from wide-open space to a 3 BR/3 BA condo across from Balboa Park.  It was my idea to bring her there, not hers.  She really had no choice at all, so why should I expect her to like it?


We make choices at the Law Library every day.  We just finished drafting the 2014 budget and we had to shave a lot of money off from the print collection, where we have the most duplication.  We didn’t want to do it, but the choice was between cutting more staff, more technology & equipment, or the collection.  We chose the latter with the hope that some day we can rebuild.

So as we look for a silver lining in our fast dropping income, I turn to the story of Gloria the Standard Poodle to wonder if she can help assuage the guilt I have for cutting a collection that was meant to last for decades.  How?  We found Gloria 2 days later hiding in the bushes 3 blocks away.  A couple of folks had been feeding her baloney and water. So now Gloria is back inside the confines of a modern day condo licking her fleas. And we just cut something like $100k from our book budget. Tell me that some things are just meant to be. Right?