zombie mirrorYou know that dumb guy in a zombie flick who walks into the bathroom expecting to find the zombie behind the shower curtain?  Instead, he opens the medicine cabinet and we see the zombie LOOM UP FROM BEHIND as he closes the cabinet…but — relief! there isn’t anything behind him, it was all in his imagination.

So, both the dumb guy and the audience have been fooled. 

Like the dumb guy, the law library has been looking behind shower curtains for the scary truth:  that we are being left behind in the great waves of change we see in both law and info technology.  We have been foolish to resist. We are part of the Zombie Revolution, no longer in the vortex between.   We want you to know that if you aren’t on the high tech superhighway, we will be speeding over your earthly remains and not bothering to look back. Yes, like in any good horror story, we are them…and, they are us.

Yes, we are the dumb guy.  We have been SO DUMB to think that we could resist the march of change from print to digital. It has already happened — ! 

We know that we are the zombie, because it is our own flesh that is sloughing off in great chunks of grayish-green mold — we cannot “lose” print materials fast enough to meet our dwindling budget, not to mention our changed ethical duties to train people on the online systems they need for their legal needs.

Hey Zombie Man — you think YOU have problems?