This meeting is set for today.  If you missed out on RSVPing, don’t worry — I will “report out” what happens! – JohnnyZ


In Part I of my post on FutureShock Legal Aid, I recounted how The Amazing Richard Zorza gives us a peek into Prof. Maurits Barendrecht‘s presentation 5 Observations about the future of legal aidMore here:

Here are possible ways to improve public access to the law, legal assistance, & justice itself:

•Radically reshuffling of subsidies to more promising innovative services

•Defending the present services much more rigorously with research and lobbying

•Becoming more like a market supervisor: leveling the playing field for new and old approaches, providing research about interventions that work, helping to certify services so as to the increase transparency and to guarantee minimum of quality

Building platforms that connect new and old services

I am calling together the leaders of San Diego County’s legal assistance providers to discuss the ways we can build these connections to new and old services.  How can we do a better job getting access out there to so many more need-groups than existed previously?  I will give you an update after the meeting.  I am excited about the prospect of making change and offering solutions!

Do you want to come to this meeting?  Are you burning with the desire to make changes in the delivery of legal services to the people in San Diego County?  Contact me!