Welcome to What’s on tap, or WOT, or the OT – our new blog to go with our new web site.  Here you will find the latest ideas, events, and goings on of the San Diego Law Library as told by me, the jocular and urbane Johnny Zero, alter ego of the mild mannered and slightly off law library director here in San Diego.

The differences in this blog and web site are enormous, but we will let you discover those part by part as we showcase them and refine them one at a time.  Suffice it to say that a lot of time and effort went into building this site, and I want to thank Eric — and —- from Tekworks for their good work and for Assistant Director ——* for managing the project for us.

There are a lot of corresponding bells, whistles, programs, and players in this endeavor.  For example, our new Partners Program is based in part on the marketing potential that our partners receive from getting themselves onto our web presence.  Some will be blogging, others will own topical pages.  These are not “authorized” or “guaranteed” by the Law Library, but they are a showcase for the great legal thinkers and services out there in San Diego today.  These folks want your business, for sure, but they also represent a wide range of legal professional: traditional firms, large firms, small firms, medium (and just right!), solos, entrepreneurials, GenXers, GenYers, Gender benders.  They are all here and waiting for you to connect and appraise them.

We want your input and involvement.  The law library is experimenting with what it can be and offer to the legal community and the greater community.  We want to be known throughout the County as an active partner in the legal process, assisting lawyers, businesses, and regular people in finding the laws they need to access the justice they seek.  It is a big job, but someobdy has to do it.  It’s our calling and our mission:  to provide FREE ACCESS to all the laws through print and online databases and the web in the best format possible.  We teach you how to research.  We train you on the best ways to find things.  We introduce you to new resources.  We help you save time, find the law, and pursue your dreams.

Every single person who enters a library has a dream in front of them.  Our mission is to make that dream come true.  Give us a try.

Why On Tap?  It represents the free flowing ideas, thoughts, and convergence of a tasty but full bodied mix of truths, questions, answers, and insights.  Much like the many micro-breweries in San Diego, in many ways we are a start-up entrepreneur in an old established business scene.  We provide something fresh and new.  We have an edge, but we deliver the goods.  We quench not only your thirst, but also your search for the best tasting and ultimately satisfying services.  So, let the ideas flow and let the communication begin.  We’ll let you know what’s on tap if you let us know how it tastes. Best of all — our tastings are free!