MCLE crunch time is for attorneys whose last names start with A-G. You have until February 1, 2019 to complete your 25 hours. We have 18 classes scheduled so far in December and January and more in the works.

Each 1 hour class is regularly $25, but there are 2 programs that can make them even more economical. Check out our MCLE yearly pass or our Discount pass. Sign up today! Keep reading your newsletter or checking the library’s calendar for new classes. All classes are Downtown and start at noon unless otherwise noted.

  • Dec 5 – Enforcing Judgments – Learn some of the methods available to maximize your recovery on a judgment. This includes when to renew a judgment to get the maximum amount under the statutory 10% annual interest.
  • Dec 6 – The Effect of Criminal Convictions on Military Personnel – A criminal conviction or a guilty plea can end a military career. Unfortunately, many attorneys are unaware of the effect that a plea can have on their service member client’s career. This class will discuss which crimes are career-ending.
  • Dec 11 – Update on Family Separation Law – The separation of families attempting to immigrate into the United States has been a controversial topic in recent months. The class will examine how the policy violates the Constitution’s due process clause, federal law protecting asylum seekers, and the government’s own directive to keep families intact.
  • Dec 12 – Common Issues in Wrongful Convictions – How are people wrongfully convicted? Why would someone plead guilty to a crime they did not commit? What are the common issues that cause wrongful convictions? The program  answers these questions through real life cases of overturned wrongful convictions.
  • Dec 13 – Legal Ethics: Confidentiality in the 21st Century (LEGAL ETHICS) (North County) – The duty of confidentiality is a core principle that applies to the attorney-client relationship. The scope of this duty and its application raises a number of ethical issues unique to the Twenty-First Century that will be discussed in this presentation. This is a DVD presentation that counts for participatory credit and will be repeated at the Downtown location in January.
  • Dec 14 – The California Public Records Act – California law requires state and local government agencies to provide public access to records that relate to the “people’s business.” This right to access government records is subject to a number of rules and exceptions that try to balance public access with other considerations, such as privacy rights.
  • Dec 19 – Ethics and the Difficult Client (LEGAL ETHICS) – Every lawyer encounters difficult clients. Learn about the ethical rules that can arise when dealing with a difficult client, including your duty of candor toward the tribunal, truthfulness in statements to others, and the responsibility of partners or supervisory attorneys.This is a DVD presentation that counts for participatory credit and will be repeated at the North County location in January
  • Dec 20 – Homeowners Association Law: Basics and Recurring Issues – Our final MCLE class of 2018 covers one of our most popular topics: HOA law. This class will provide a primer for lawyers and self-represented parties regarding basic homeowner association functions, rights, and responsibilities.