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By Cheryl on April 18, 2013//Leave a comment

On March 19, 2013 San Diego Superior Court Presiding Judge Robert Trentacosta issued  General Order 031913 regarding the suspension and clarification of two Local Family Law Rules of Court Rules.   Local Rule 5.5.4.E addresses the Request for Continuance of Hearing on Request for Order.  Local Rule 5.9.8 deals with Coordination of Title IV-D  Cases & Related Family Law Matters.  The General Order can be found on the court’s website on the News and Notices page under Family Law Announcements.


The court  also recently published a list of new, revised or repealed  Judicial Council and San Diego Superior Court  forms.  The list can be found on the court’s website  News and Notices page under Announcements and Notices.  Judicial Council forms can be found on the California Courts Judicial Branch Home page.


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