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By Kelly on October 27, 2017//Leave a comment

One of the benefits of Law Library membership is access to Westlaw when they visit the Downtown or Vista locations. Recently, we expanded our Westlaw subscription to include some of the most asked-for databases. We’ve added a significant number of treatises and secondary sources as well as access to trial court filings and orders.


Members now can access key secondary sources like Couch on Insurance and McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition. In addition, there are many form resources, including Federal Procedure, Lawyer’s Edition, which provide thousands of samples. Also, you can access the Restatements of the Law, American Law Reports, and American Jurisprudence.


Secondly, Law Library members can now search the Trial Courts Documents database. This database includes selected motions, memoranda, and trial court orders from all fifty states and the federal court system. Coverage goes back approximately 20 years, but varies by state.


With these new databases, now is a great time to join the Law Library.

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  1. LeeAnn Blake

    I need to ask a question does elder abuse stay visible on ur record after 10 yrs

    • Kelly

      Is this a criminal conviction? Criminal convictions stay on your record permanently. There are steps you can take to try to “clean” your record. Take a look at this information from the California Courts: For additional information, come in to one of our branches.
      Thank you for contacting the Law Library.

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