Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced new water use restrictions and incentives to comply with Governor Brown’s recently announced Executive Order addressing California’s drought. Brown’s order requires the State Water Resources Control Board to impose restrictions so that urban potable water use is reduced by 25% through February 2016.

To help achieve the reduction, San Diego will more aggressively enforce several new water rules it implemented November 1, revive residential turf replacement rebates with $450,000, eliminate irrigation of city medians, and likely reduce watering of small parks and municipal golf courses. The November 1 restrictions include restaurants providing water only when asked and limits on watering plants and washing cars.

The City Council President, Sherri Lightner, while praising the current changes, brought up the need to do more to increase conservation. Lightner suggested rebates for installing advanced irrigation systems or barrels to capture rainwater. Also, she said the city needs to expand its “purple pipe” reclaimed water system for irrigating parks, schools, and other areas.

More information on water conservation is available at Save Our Water and California Water Board.